Why You Should Consider A Super Greens Shots Instead of Your Morning Espresso Coffee.

Although there is nothing wrong with your morning coffee, we are here to find out if you can start your day without out it, substituting it for a great health-boosting Supergreens shot.

Super Greens are a blend of nutrient-dense superfoods that have a huge list of benefits.

Starting your day with a shot of Super Greens is a sure way to keep your health on the right track. But why should you try Super Greens? What are the benefits of mixing up a Super Greens powder first thing in the morning? Are there any benefits over just taking your morning coffee?

Before we dive into the benefits, lets first understand what a super green supplement is.

What is a Super Greens Powder?

Super Greens, (or greens powder or greens drink) are made up of dehydrated, freeze-dried green superfoods. As they are made up of natural ingredients they are in better harmony with our bodies and are more readily absorbed. This is very important as every nutrient that goes into your body, from your daily drink, is being properly absorbed by your body and being put to use.

It normally consists of;

  • Wheat Grass

  • Spirulina

  • Chlorella

  • Barley Grass

  • Pineapple powder

  • and Hemp Protein

“Taking a Natural and Organic Super Greens powder every morning has allowed me to become fully aware of how my body should be feeling. I have an increase in natural energy and feel like I can do so much more with my day.” - Arin, Founder.

Increase in Hydration.

When you want to quench your thirst, you probably don’t reach for a steaming cup of coffee or tea. After 6-9 hours of sleep, your body is not only in need of proper hydration but it also acts as a sponge, ready to soak up as many beneficial nutrients as it can. This is were Super Greens shine. First thing in the morning mixing up a Super greens drink not only hydrates you but also replenishes your body, fortifying it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to tackle the day.

No ‘Crash’.

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. It’s found naturally in the leaves, seeds, and fruits of several plants. Common sources include coffee and cocoa beans, kola nuts, and tea leaves.

While caffeine is known for its energizing effects, it can also cause a caffeine crash, characterized by increased fatigue and sleepiness. The most common drink to cause this is coffee. Replacing your morning coffee with Super Greens not only gives you a huge health boost but also gives you long-lasting natural energy throughout the day with no crash!

Reduction in Anxiety.

You already know that too much caffeine can bring on the jitters. Sip a second espresso after dinner, and you’re bound to feel a bit on edge. But could that 3 p.m. soy latte actually be messing with your mental health? If you struggle with anxiety, the answer may be yes.

Overall, caffeine is often bad news for people with anxiety. That’s because the powerful stimulant naturally found in coffee beans jump-starts anxiety by speeding up bodily functions.

The natural effects of caffeine stimulate a host of sensations, such as your heart beating faster, your body heating up, your breathing rate increasing—all things that mimic anxiety. Psychologically, it’s difficult for your mind to recognize that this is not anxiety because it feels the same. Restlessness, nervousness, headaches, sweating, insomnia, and ringing in the ears are other common signs of caffeine-triggered anxiety.

Increase in Gut Health.

These days, it seems like the digestive drama has become the status quo—but it doesn’t have to be. Coffee seems to be the number one culprit for most peoples upset stomach, Increasing the effects of IBS.

Besides steering clear of foods and drinks that cause you distress and relieving discomfort with over-the-counter meds, you can also give your body a leg up in the digestion department by making sure you are getting enough Natural Digestive Enzymes.

Super Greens contain Natural Digestive Enzymes to help break down what we eat so that important nutrients get to all the right places for proper utilization. If the body doesn’t get enough of these enzymes, this can slow the digestion process and lead to GI symptoms like gas, bloating, and diarrhoea.


It's clear to see that, although coffee isn't the worst thing, it can cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. Try to limit or cut your coffee intake for the next month and replace it with Super Greens to see how your body responds.

You may be surprised after it alleviates all the problems that have been niggling away at you for years!

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