Super Green Powder Vs Multivitamins Tablets? Which Are Best?

In the ever-growing world of health products, multivitamins are probably up there as the most popular. There is a current rising trend for super green powders and superfood-based supplements which also claim a broad range of benefits.

The huge difference between the two is that Super Greens powders are an all-natural alternative, so we wanted to take a look at the claims and evidence surrounding the two, to see whether there really can be an advantage or disadvantage to taking either of these supplements.

Should you be replacing your Multi-Vitamin for a Natural Super Greens Powder?

What Do Multi-Vitamins Offer?

Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins normally found in food sources. They are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through your diet. Basically, multivitamins help bridge some nutrient gaps.

As there’s no standard for what constitutes a multivitamin, their nutrient composition varies by brand and product.

They’re available in many forms, including tablets, capsules, chewable gummies, powders, and liquids.

Concerns About Multivitamins.

Dosage is an important factor to consider when taking multivitamins.

Although high doses of some vitamins and minerals are fine, high amounts of others can be seriously harmful. Most Multivitamins contain well over your daily recommended vitamins and nutrients a day.

The two categories of Vitamins include :

  • Water-soluble vitamin types, which your body expels excess amounts of these vitamins.

  • Fat-soluble Vitamins, which cause concern as your body has no easy way to get rid of these, excess amounts may accumulate over long periods of time.

Fat-soluble vitamins include A, D, E, and K. While vitamins E and K are relatively nontoxic, vitamins A and D can have toxic effects if overconsumed.

Pregnant women need to be especially careful with their vitamin A intake, as excess amounts have been linked to birth defects. If you take multivitamins and eat a lot of nutrient-dense foods, you can easily exceed the recommended daily intake of many nutrients. Minerals may also be harmful in high doses. For example, too much iron can be dangerous for people who don’t need it!

Another risk is in the production, which may cause multivitamins to harbour much larger amounts of nutrients than intended. The processed and unnatural nature of multivitamins means that they are not as easily accepted by our bodies and can in turn cause more harm than good.

Bottom line - Always choose a natural alternative.

What Do Super Greens Powders Offer?

To begin with, choosing the right Super Greens powder is important. Always lean towards an all Natural and all Organic option. This way you are ensuring what you are consuming is genuinely good for you without any compromise.

Super Greens, (or greens powder or greens drink) are made up of dehydrated, freeze-dried green superfoods. As they are made up of natural ingredients they are in better harmony with our bodies and are more readily absorbed. This is very important as every nutrient that goes into your body, from your daily drink, is being properly absorbed by your body and being put to use.

It normally consists of;

  • Wheat Grass

  • Spirulina

  • Chlorella

  • Barley Grass

  • Pineapple powder

  • Hemp Protein

Cured Super Greens are packed with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the body, unlike processed multivitamins where most of it is refused by your body and excreted. Super Greens contain high levels of chlorophyll and antioxidants. Because of their highly concentrated nutrient profile, Super Greens are believed to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, and promote healthy digestion.

Some studies have indicated that Super Greens may help regulate cholesterol as well as reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The key ingredient to these health benefits appears to be the chlorophyll, which helps to lower the pH balance of the body, thereby making the body more alkaline and reducing the acidity that is associated with health problems such as arthritis.

The antioxidants in Super Greens are a line of defence against free radicals, which research has shown, contribute to help fight Chronic Diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. The enzymes offered by the Super greens also appear to aid digestion.

Here are some of the benefits that people who consume Super Greens report:

  • Increased energy,

  • Reduced pain caused by inflammation,

  • Feeling better internally with digestion

  • and an overall sense of clarity and wellbeing through their newfound health.

Taking a Super Greens powder is generally easier also. Most people tend to mix it with half a glass of water and take it as a shot every morning, meaning you receive all these nutritional benefits in less than 30 seconds.

Concerns About Super Greens Powders

Due to Super Greens being all Natural there really isn't anything about the powder that does your body any harm. As Super Greens are a relatively new form of supplement, compared to the age-old Multi-Vitamin, it doesn't have as much scientific case studies. This being said the research being done around Super Green Powders at the moment is showing some tremendous results and should give plenty of evidence that this is a supplement that you should be making a part of your everyday life.


Due to the processed and highly unbalanced nature of Multi-Vitamins, changing to an all-natural supplement is always going to be a better choice. Super Greens are leading the road with this and the research done around the overall health benefits are making it a clear choice for your all in one daily supplement.

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