How Cured Supplements Partnership with Friends of the Earth can Help Make an Impact.

A Better You, A Better World.

With these two pillars, Cured Supplements was created. The Health and Well-being of our customers and making sure the Earth prospers alongside us are two goals that will always sit at the top of the company. We are thrilled to be able to team up with Friends of the Earth through the work for good campaign to aid in the journey towards a 'Cured World', educating people about the impact of the small changes you can make to help get closer to this goal each day.

Throughout our partnership with @workforgooduk and @friends_earth, our key role will be educating our audience. Educating the troubles our world is faced with, educating what is being done by Friends of the Earth currently and educating on what urgently needs to be done.

We will be updating our website on a regular basis with information on what you can do to help, through direct donations or by changing small things in your day to day life that make a big impact. With Cured Supplements 5% of every sale made goes directly to Friends of the Earth to help progress in their work. Donations help tremendously to the work being carried out but educating on what the world is faced with is equally as important. We are doing everything we can as a brand to foremost educate our audience in the things we are blinded to in our world, while also providing organic, natural and nutritional supplements, increasing overall health.

Our vision is of a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature.

Find out more through our website and by visiting Friends of the Earth.

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